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Quarter Horses

Jodie’s knowledge and love of horses has led her to the Quarter horse. These strong, athletic, sport horses that were initially mainly bred in Australia for sprint racing. Although they were originally used for cattle and station work, today, the Quarter horse is mainly used on cattle for sport. Cutting, team penning and camp drafting are great spectator and horse sports with minimal risk for rider and horse. These sports however are very competitive and require a talented horse that is strong, agile and has a desire to work cattle. There are still plenty of properties that use horses to move and work cattle, but more are using other means due to vast country and weather.

Our breeding stallion ‘Solars Gold King’ has sprint and cutting blood lines and many of our mares have a history either in cutting or racing. Mayan Quarter Horse’s aim is to breed strong, solid, sport horses that have a strong work ethic yet are quiet and well mannered to handle.

Our training method is slow and steady, gaining trust and respect. We try and use as many different possible hazardous situations to desensitize our young horses, resulting in a relaxed and safe riding horse. We then introduce them to the fun of cattle work. Most enjoy bossing the cattle around as it comes naturally.

Jodie and her daughter Tahlia enjoy training and educating the foals and young horses bred on the farm. Tahlia broke her own horse in at the age of 14 and Nugget is a well manner gelding that will go almost anywhere Tahlia asks.  Nugget is by King and is now 5 years old. Nugget enjoys taking Tahlia in search of local missing or escaped cattle, returning them to their correct paddocks with Tahlia or Brett then observing the fence repair, to prevent further escapees.

Jodie and Tahlia have both learnt a lot from a local couple who have breed, trained and competed Quarter Horses for approximately 50 years. Frank and Grace Faulkner have had a big influence on Jodie and her family. Jodie continues to breed from “Solars Gold King” which Frank sold to her in 2007. Frank is pictured here with three of kings foals.



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