Mayan Farm – Kin Kin,QLD

Mayan Farm is a working farm comprising more than 100 acres of fertile grazing land along
Kin Kin Creek in the stunning Noosa Hinterland. It has now evolved to offer MAYAN LUXE VILLAS with views of the surrounding farmland and countryside.

Jodie Williams & Brett Gowley

With more than 100 years and six generations of history in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Shire “local” Chef, Jodie Williams and her partner, Brett Gowley made the move to Kin Kin in 2009 and established Mayan Farm.

In 2012 they began work on restoring the local Kin Kin General Store – which had been idle for many years – to accommodate their growing business and offer services to the local community, including a general store and post office.

Brett put his experience as a shopfitter to great use in transforming the old store into a fabulous dining and entertaining space. Mayan Farm’s home-grown pasture raised beef and lamb are menu features.

Mayan Farm is fundamental to the supply chain between the food on the table at Kin Kin General Store and Black Ant Catering and is part of the farm-to-plate philosophy.

Black Ant Gourmet @ Kin Kin General Store  Under Jodie’s cheffing expertise over 30 years, today Black Ant Gourmet @ Kin Kin General Store employs 18 staff and provides customers with a range of options for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, woodfired pizzas every Friday evening, Black Ant BBQ Buffet each Sunday and chef’s specials most days.

In-house catering is available for in-house guests at Mayan Luxe Villas. Special occasion catering for small functions (up to 20pp) is available to approved guests.

Larger functions (40pp+) are catered for at the Black Ant Barn, Kin Kin General Store’s alfresco function space.


Constructed from rammed earth

Mayan Luxe Villas is constructed with rammed earth from Mayan Farm. This construction technique has been around for thousands of years and makes up long stretches of the Great Wall of China, the magnificent Kasbahs of Morocco and the enchanting Alhambra in Spain.

Increasingly seen in contemporary architecture, rammed earth is a sustainable building material due to its thermal mass, strength, durability and visual impressiveness. Rammed-earth houses have a natural warmth and beauty that help them blend with their surrounding land and natural environment.

Brett constructed the Mayan Luxe Villa’s rammed-earth walls on-site by ramming an aggregate mixture, including gravel, sand, silt and clay – otherwise known as “between formwork”. After removing the formwork, the stunning effect of the rammed-earth walls was revealed.

Read more about Mayan Luxe Villa’s sustainable building practices.

about mayan farm @ kin kin

Mayan Farm comprises over 100 acres of fertile grazing land along Kin Kin Creek in the stunning Noosa Hinterland.

As a working farm, it houses a large variety of livestock including droughtmaster cattle, quarterhorses, muscovy ducks and meat and layer chickens. All animals are free to roam the large paddocks, ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Located on the Noosa Trail Network, Mayan Farm has evolved its offering to include environmentally – friendly, sustainable accommodation with sweeping views of the surrounding farmland and countryside.

Enjoy a unique accommodation and dining experience