Just a 10 minute drive from Mayan Farm accommodation and Black Ant Gourmet in Kin Kin lies the Doggrell Forest Trail, home to some of the largest trees left in the area.

Here you will find majestic Gympie messmate trees Eucalyptus cloeziana towering some 60m above the forest floor. Everything else is also big including the cabbage tree palms which grow 15-20m high. It is also home to unusual species of funghi.

There is an easy 1.2km return walking trail that winds through the large trees together with a whipbird soundtrack.

Gympie messmates are prized for their excellent wood so it is difficult to find many mature messmate trees still alive in the wild. You can see the cut marks in the old stumps where loggers placed boards so they could climb up and fell a tree.

Messmate is noted for its excellent stem form and vigour and is harvested commercially in Qld. Most power poles in SE Qld are created from Gympie messmate.

It is also used as sawn and round timbers for wharf and bridge construction, while unseasoned sawn timber is regularly employed for general house framing.

Seasoned dressed timber is used for cladding, internal and external flooring, lining, joinery, fencing, landscaping and retaining walls.

Gympie messmates occur extensively in the high rainfall zone east of the Mary River around Pomona, Kin Kin, Goomboorian and Cedar Pocket districts.

The Doggrell Forest Trail is located at Gympie Kin Kin Rd, Como