It is becoming more and more common these days that even before setting an elopement or wedding date, couples are checking with their favourite key vendors to check their availability.

With many of the best in the industry booked-out up to two years in advance, having your dream team by your side means perhaps being flexible with your date. 

What are some of the key factors to consider when booking your special occasion photographer?

1. Before booking – have a phone chat. I am assuming that if you are feeling ready to book a photographer that you love their images. Whether that be light and airy, real to colour, or more moody in their storytelling and editing, I recommend you connect with your prospective photographer well before you confirm the booking.

Your special occasion images are so much more than the end product. It is the experience a photographer provides you on the day. Your connection, the way they guide you and their reliability all matter hugely to the outcome.

Most people, when seeing images, recall the experience they had while that image was taken and are able to cognitively separate it as just an aesthetically pleasing piece. This is why for my couples I bring music, keep them moving and have a load of tips and tricks to make the most of photo opportunities.

2. Bring them into the wedding planning – and help guide your timeline. Photographers are lovers of light and getting the best images on the day. With the changing seasons, each day of the year sunset also changes. If you bring your photographer into the conversation early on, they can assist you in planning the timeline of your day to make the most of every opportunity – in particular the golden hour. I know the best way I can support my couples experience is by starting with a great timeline.

3. Have they photographed the location – or are willing to do a location scout? Because of the gorgeous mountainous landscape at Mayan Luxe Villas in Kin Kin, the sun disappears around 20 minutes before official sunset time. Knowing where to go when, and seamlessly, helps you get the most from the experience and the images.

4. Trust the art. If you have booked your photographer because you love the way they story tell and want them to capture your day – hand the reins over to them. I love the Sunshine Coast crew of photographers. They are such a beautiful community who support each other, and in that community, when I have chatted to others, one thing we all agree on is that our best work happens when a couple completely trusts the process and gives over the creative reigns.

5. Have a wet weather plan that is so solid you don’t mind at all it being plan A. One thing we cannot control is the weather. An amazing occasion and the memories captured along with it comes down to how much you enjoy the day and how well lit the space is. If this is factored in from the start there will be no last minute plan changes and you can relax into your day knowing no matter what, it will be perfect.

6. My most commonly asked question post wedding is, “When do we get to see the images!”. Fair enough right! Do not be afraid to ask before booking when to expect a sneak peek and the full gallery. You deserve to know exactly what you have signed up to. I include in all my packages a social media sneak peek within 72 hours and a sneak peek gallery of approx 30-60 images across the day within a fortnight so you can share and relive the memories while they are still fresh!

With these things in mind you are off to an amazing start to getting the most out of your memories and images on your special day.

Love Jekka x